About Us...
and our life-like rock pot concepts

Established  in  2000,  Stone Art Miniature Gardens Ltd.,  specializes  in  creating  life-like rock  concepts  to  enhance  the  natural  world  of
gardening.  Our products are cast from our own specialty cement-based mortar mix and natural mineral resources to provide the closest feel and texture of natural rock.  A unique and natural vehicle for container gardening.




These innovative and ingeniously designed planters are easy to use.  Simply combine plants with earth, sand and gravel together to create an overall concept of natural landscape beauty. Our planters are strong and sturdy, with these life-like rock planters you can create and a scene of natural beauty to be shared with your backyard, pond, patio or apartment deck.  All you need are a combination of your favourite plants, soil and pebbles to create a scenic beauty of your own design.




Stone Art Miniature Gardens life-like concepts makes it possible and easy to create a scene from nature into your home.  Our products are cement-based, with 100% natural composition.  All planters and pots comes with a drain-hole for easy watering and drainage.

Our rock planters and pots have a natural appearance as if carved from stone. Simply combine plants with earth, sand and gravel to enjoy the fun  of transforming it  into a small paradise  or just  add water  and create  a bird-bath.   Pot them up and  watch them grow over time or
re-plant for your enjoyment.

Long-lasting and frost-free all year round!

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