Plant Care Guide
General Tips for your Cacti & Succulents

General Guide for Watering Requirements for Cacti & Succulents

The general rule of thumb is, "When you water, water well." However, with succulent plants you must be careful to make sure the plant needs water. Let the water thoroughly drain through the roots and out the bottom, making sure the entire pot of soil is saturated. Drain thoroughly, never let plants sit in water. When plants are vigorously growing and blooming, they will need more water.

During their non-growing or resting stage, usually in cold winter weather, they will need very little water.


Light Requirements for Cacti & Succulents

Indoors: Give cacti and succulents the brightest light or sunniest window that you can provide. Most cacti and succulents are not happy in shady corners or north-facing windows as they need at least four to six hours of strong light daily if they are placed indoors. Plants with inadequate light may stretch (skinny growth).

Outdoors: Some cacti and succulents can tolerate full sun. Many cacti and succulents prefer to be positioned in an area that receives morning sun, and is protected from stronger afternoon rays.

Your cacti and succulents will do nicely on a sunny windowsills or any bright spot indoors.


Temperature Requirements for Cacti & Succulents

During the winter time, keep your cacti and succulents in temperature above freezing. They will go dormant and manage just fine in night time temperatures of 35° to 40° F.

In the summer, protect your cacti and succulent from extreme heat. If temperatures reach over 100° F, be sure to shade your plants and provide air circulation.